I wanted to create a podcast that anyone listening in would immediately feel like this was for them. A smart and informative space that’s also fun and welcoming. No one has to prove themselves here because tech is for everyone.”

– Tegan Jones

Fitness Tech

In this episode the Queens are delving into fitness tech, going beyond just exercise tracking. They chat about accelerometer and GPS tech and how analytics and vitals monitoring brought Tegan and Rad peace of mind during Covid. Amanda also looks at sleep tracking while Rae swears she isn’t possessed. This episode is sponsored by Whoop. […]

Don’t Put Your Tongue on a Battery

Another week, another gadget chat! In this episode Tegan gets the fancy new Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 in her ear holes. Meanwhile Rad compares two wireless charger bluetooth speaker combos – the Laser Fabric and Tivoli Revive. Amanda also shares her latest Facebook Marketplace find – an 11 year old steam cleaner – and […]

Episode 79: Don’t drink the Mitsubishi water

The Queens are chocker block full of gadgets this week! Rad and Tegan have been trying the new baby iPhone SE (2022) and argue in favour of small phones while Rae falls in love with a new red PlayStation 5 console cover. Meanwhile, Amanda uses a Mitsubishi dehumidifier after her house flooded and Tegan takes […]

Episode 75: Eye Tech

Eye tech has come a long way since humans quite literally used clear quartz to magnify words. From the original eye glasses to questionable 19th century contacts to bionic eyes, this week the Queens are all about pimping your peepers. Show Notes Quantitative Colour Pattern Analysis (QCPA): A comprehensive framework for the analysis of colour […]

Episode 74: Hiding Your Mess From Webcams

In this gadget episode the queens chat about the allure of surround sound at home thanks to Sonos. Meanwhile, Rad and Amanda review the Elgato FaceCam and Wave XLR, neither of which was actually used for streaming. Show Notes Here’s a full review off the second generation Sonos Beam And one for the Elgato FaceCam […]

Episode 73: The Digital Divide

Millions of Australians are unable to get online in a reliable way, or at all in some communities. This is called the digital divide and the Queens take issue with the internet and mobile connectivity being treated as a luxury. They chat about it in this episode and perhaps also suggest a cheeky government overthrow […]

Episode 70: We Love To USB-C It

This episode Rae very legally tests a Unagi electric scooter while Rad and Amanda try two Samsung products that aren’t the Galaxy S22: the Samsung Freestyle projector and the Odyssey G7 monitor. Show Notes More on the Unagi electric scooter Also the laws around e-scooters are complicated and vary between states Last year the transport […]

Episode 68: Valentines, Galentines and Palentines

February is just around the corner, which means you may be on the lookout for some presents for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or even for yourself because you deserve a treat. And boy do the Queens have some gift ideas that are mostly stuff they want for themselves. SHOW NOTES A cute reminder that we […]

Episode 67: Pokemon Go Uncle (With Kindles)

The Queens have been playing with a lot of stuff for this episode. Tegan avoids getting beat up the gym with the Skullcandy Push Active earbuds while also turning her life into a 90s sitcom with the Jabra PanaCast 20 webcam. Meanwhile, Rae tries to not drop the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition in the bath […]

Episode 65: Spotify Bougie

In this episode the Queens are getting comfy with some fancy new Ergotune Supreme chairs. Rae also takes issue with the Spotify Enhance feature and Rad turns her house into a vibe kingdom with some Philips Hue smart lights Show Notes So it turns out the Enhance feature might not be quite dead after all. […]


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