I wanted to create a podcast that anyone listening in would immediately feel like this was for them. A smart and informative space that’s also fun and welcoming. No one has to prove themselves here because tech is for everyone.”

– Tegan Jones

antikythera mechanism

Episode 14: Roger Federer Is A Boomerang

This week Rad and Rae have a smart speaker showdown between Google and Alexa while Tegan gets overly excited about MONA’s museum app. And later in the episode the Queens were supposed to look at ancient tech that has been lost to the ravages of time, but go a little off brief because you can’t […]


Episode 13: Sometimes Tech Re-Invents the Bus

This week Rae checks out the All Trails hiking app, Rad has a play in the Oppo ecosystem and Tegan exposes a new text message scam. Later on, the queens chat about some spectacular tech fails over the last few years – like 3D movies and TVs, Juicero, Hoverboards and the ill-fated Quibi. This episode […]

Episode 12: Just Hot Girl Headset Stuff

This week Amanda tames cows in the latest Story of Seasons, Rad isn’t impressed by her latest wireless headset and Tegan gets on the space wines. And later in the show the Queens divulge their best tips on what to do before you buy new tech. This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands. Show […]

Episode 11: Four Electric Vehicles In A Trench Coat

The Queens are excited this week as they get their first listener question. This has them diving into the world of autonomous and electric vehicles, from legislation and job displacement to off-roading and safety. A koala-seeking drone even sneaks in. Meanwhile, Amanda electrocutes her face on purpose and Rad has a crack at a posture-fixing […]

Episode 10: NFTs Are A Waste Of Emotional Energy

Things are a little different this week as the queens attempt a digital detox. While all four turned up feeling like failures, it turns out it’s a little more complicated. And by popular demand they also tackle the complex and ethically questionably topic of NFTs – from minting dumb memes (including a tweet of Tegan’s […]

Episode 9: What If You Scream In Your Sleep?

This week the Queens are all about the gadgets. Rad gets literally hands on with her first semi-ergonomic mouse, Amanda gets a rash from her Fitbit and Tegan falls in love with a Samsung 8K TV. Meanwhile, Rae is lured back into the world of smart homes after spending a few years away and has […]

Episode 8: Teletubbies is Sci-Fi

It’s been a big week for the Queens! Rae experiences some beauty tech at a fancy breakfast while Amanda creates Smart Craft. Meanwhile Tegan gleefully plays with Oppo’s rollable concept phone. They also ponder what fictional sci-fi tech they would like to see in the real world – including ‘bag babies’, Babel Fish and, strangely, […]

Episode 7: Your Knee is Haunted

In this week’s episode the Queens talk about ghosts so much that part of the recording corrupted. They clearly angered a vengeful spirit and are now haunted. If you want also want to risk venturing into the spirit realm, you’ll learn about 19th century ‘ectoplasm’, the Xbox Kinect and other tech used by ghost hunters […]

Episode #6: Space Doesn’t Love Us Back

This week the Queens go into verbal battle over Space! The final frontier one, not the physical distance between two objects. Should we be exploring the beautiful and terrifying universe beyond our planet? Would those resources be better spent on Earth? And what surprising inventions have only happened thanks to space exploration? Meanwhile, Tegan nerds […]

Episode #5: Dogs Can’t Send Emails

This week the Queens are going straight to the moon with a dive into the stonk market. They also side-eye the Elon Musk approved Clubhouse app and discover that spinach can send emails now. This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands. Listen now on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Or subscribe via […]


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