"Looking out at the podcast landscape, I didn’t see anything that I felt reflected in, so I wanted to create something that would provide that. I always learn so much whenever we go on hikes together. I feel like everyone could benefit from being able to listen in on those conversations." - Rae Johnston


“I wanted to create a podcast that anyone listening in would immediately feel like this was for them. A smart and informative space that’s also fun and welcoming. No one has to prove themselves here because tech is for everyone.” - Tegan Jones


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Episode 8: Teletubbies is Sci-Fi

It's been a big week for the Queens! Rae experiences some beauty tech at a fancy breakfast while Amanda creates Smart Craft. Meanwhile Tegan gleefully plays with Oppo's rollable concept phone. They also ponder what fictional sci-fi tech they would like to see in the real world - including 'bag babies', Babel Fish and, strangely, [...]