"Looking out at the podcast landscape, I didn’t see anything that I felt reflected in, so I wanted to create something that would provide that. I always learn so much whenever we go on hikes together. I feel like everyone could benefit from being able to listen in on those conversations." - Rae Johnston


“I wanted to create a podcast that anyone listening in would immediately feel like this was for them. A smart and informative space that’s also fun and welcoming. No one has to prove themselves here because tech is for everyone.” - Tegan Jones


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Episode 32: Bag of Delight

This week the Queens reveal their best online bargain hunting tips, from websites and browser extensions to visiting the decrepit bowels of Facebook Marketplace. Meanwhile: Rad has two laptops at once again, Amanda plays Humankind and Tegan tries the Car Next Door app. This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands Australia. Listen now on [...]

Episode 31: Friendly Bird Army

Time is a cruel mistress, who will test a product unrelentingly and unforgivingly. In this episode, the Queens chat about their long term experience with some tech they've been using for a while. We're calling it a 'six monthie'. Meanwhile, Rae discovers anti-procrastination app that could save the planet, Rad gets into lockdown photography, and [...]

Episode 29: USB-C Is My Love Language

This week the Queen's are diving into some incredible Olympics tech from the past and present, including a sparkly basketball robot and banned swimming suits. Meanwhile, Rad plays with duelling ASUS laptops and Tegan plays with LEGO while dobbing in a free Netflix app. This episode is sponsored by Shure and Jands Australia. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/239-queens-of-the-drone-age-80153356 Show [...]

Episode 27: Dishwasher Lasagna

This week the Queens explore retro-futurism, including a 'house of the future' from 1950s Disneyland, electro-shock haircuts, Lunar Olympics and what the 1890s thought VR cycling might look like. But before going back to the future, Rae gets excited over a bacteria-killing earbuds case, Rad gets real specific about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and [...]