"Looking out at the podcast landscape, I didn’t see anything that I felt reflected in, so I wanted to create something that would provide that. I always learn so much whenever we go on hikes together. I feel like everyone could benefit from being able to listen in on those conversations." - Rae Johnston


“I wanted to create a podcast that anyone listening in would immediately feel like this was for them. A smart and informative space that’s also fun and welcoming. No one has to prove themselves here because tech is for everyone.” - Tegan Jones


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Episode 64: Weirdest Gadgets of CES 2022

In this episode the Queens take a look at some of the weirdest and coolest tech at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). No spoilers but what if invisible headphones, a terrifying digitised face mask and a nibbling plush toy? And it absolutely gets worse. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/239-queens-of-the-drone-age-80153356 Show Notes We love Bob the DishwasherInvisibles headphones wtf?Okay [...]

Episode 60: Descendant of Mothman

As the 2021 hellscape draws to a close, the Queens deepdive on the history and science behind fireworks and new drone alternatives. Rad also insists that humans are descendents of moths while Tegan and Rae discuss homemade sparkler bombs with a suspicious amount of detail. This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/239-queens-of-the-drone-age-80153356 Show [...]

Episode 54: She’s Living In A Wireless World

The Queens have been thinking a lot about combination tech. Gadgets - real or imagined - that smush two things together to provide something superior. Hopefully. In this episode, we share some of our favourites (and not-so favourites). This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/239-queens-of-the-drone-age-80153356 SHOW NOTES Rad's wireless charging pad/external automatic backup [...]

Episode 51: Dusty Little Human

This week the Queens inadvertently get fit! Rad tries out the Suunto Peak 9 smartwatch, which can measure some deeply specific exercises like open water swimming (seriously) and exploring the Mariana Trench, probably. Amanda also treats herself to a fancy new desk treadmill after hunting down the best price like Liam Neeson. And if that [...]