Episode 132: Beauty tech

For thousands of years extreme beauty treatments have been a thing. Humans are obsessed with finding new ways to make themselves feel beautiful - from urine-laced teeth whitener to tapeworm diet pills. So in this episode the Queens look at some modern beauty tech marvels, including foundation robots and acne treatments. Tegan even personally tests [...]

Episode 124: Weather tech

You know how old school villains would threaten to steal weather machines? So it turns out weather alteration technology is absolutely a real thing that is being used to make it rain during droughts and lessen the impact of cyclones. But it hasn't just been used for wholesome purposes. It's also been harnessed to guarantee [...]

Episode 118: LEGO

This year it's been 90 years since LEGO changed the world of toys. Nine decades of bringing tiny construction dreams to life and eliciting cries of pain as adults and children alike as they extract rogue bricks from the underside of their feet. Studies have shown that construction toys are fantastic for the growing minds [...]