Episode 194: A Queen In Tokyo

In this week’s episode Amanda regales the Queens with tales of her recent trip to Tokyo with Netflix.

There’s a lot of anime talk off the back of Amanda attending Anime Japan and getting to go along to an actual anime studio where she got to see PLUTO being hand drawn. There’s even talk of AI and the way that could impact the future of the art form.

Rae also discovers that Sailor Moon absolutely counts as her seeing anime and that there is an actual place in 90s kids brains for recognising Pokemon. It’s true, it’s been studied.

Amanda also talks us through how pasmo cards work, the delicious things she ate (and why you should use TikTok for food recommendations when you travel) and how you can absolutely get your technology blessed at some Japanese shrines.

Queens of the Drone Age travelled to Tokyo as a guest of Netflix.

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Listen to the latest episode:

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