Episode 193: ChatGPT in our orifices

The Queens are all reviewing very different things in this week’s gadget chat. You love to see it.

Amanda becomes addicted to Volcano Princess – a parenting simulator where you’re raising a daughter to be a knight, but every decision could impact her future. It was made entirely by two women devs in China, and according to Amanda it’s extremely addictive.

As some bonus info on this one, Tegan picked it up after the episode recording and has also already finished it. She definitely made some ‘dark’ choices when it came to making money in the local bath house…

Anyway Rae also tried out an app called Be My Eyes – a Danish app that helps the blind and visually impaired see through video calls. Upon signing up as a volunteer you can receive a call and provide on-the-spot assistance to people that need help seeing or reading things. It’s an incredible concept.

Meanwhile Tegan takes the Queen’s bougieness up a notch by reviewing the new Qantas A380 business class cabin from a recent overnight trip from Los Angeles to Sydney. Can she actually afford this kind of luxury on her own dime? Absolutely not. Will she still have strong opinions? Absolutely yes.

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Listen to the latest episode:

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