Episode 190: The Science Behind Fake Meat

In this episode the Queens take a close look at the alternative meats industry. It’s become increasingly popular in recent years as more fake meat pops up in the startup space as well as in supermarkets and on restaurant menues.

In addition to touching on different types of meat alternatives – including plant based and lab grown meat – we also look at how tofu is being used as meat in a very different way to how you might think.

We also discuss some of the current issues surround the fake meat industry – including potential health concerns, regulation restrictions and price.

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Show Notes

  • How sustainable are fake meats? [Knowable Magazine]
  • Good Meat, not to be confused with GOOD Meat, which is a company selling cultivated meat in Singapore
  • Animal Pharm documentary [YouTube]
  • Australian Good Meat has a somewhat humourous article against fake meat, that’s pretty transparent as to their angle:
  • Is Soy Bad for the Environment? [Food Unfolded]
  • Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Report [A Well Fed World]
  • Italy moves to ban lab-grown meat to protect food heritage [BBC]
  • Tofu works as tissue-engineering scaffold [Chemistry World]
  • Tofu as excellent scaffolds for potential bone regeneration [Science Direct]
  • Tofu-Based Hybrid Hydrogels with Antioxidant and Low Immunogenicity Activity for Enhanced Wound Healing [National Library of Medicine]

Listen to the latest episode:

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