Episode 151: How Do You Say PHEV?

This episode the Queens are trying three very different gadgets. Rae’s dog Mia had a canine cold and was coughing phlegm up all over the carpet, so she invested in a Bissell Stain Eraser Pet. It’s a wet vac that is specifically designed to clean up pet mess and is even cordless!

Rad and Tegan have also been playing with the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro. We all know Rad has incredibly high standards when it comes to camera photography, but even she was blown away by how much heavy lifting the software does – especially in low light.

Tegan has also been out on the road again with the Ford Escape PHEV – a plugin hybrid SUV with incredible fuel efficiency. But perhaps more importantly, the Queens debate about how you’re supposed to pronounce PHEV…

And here’s some extra shots of the roomy lad:

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