Episode 155: Our Favourite Gadgets Of The Year

This week the Queens look back at some of their favourite gadgets and games of 2022 – a year that has gone on for approximately one decade.

Tegan massages her eardrums with the Sony WH-1000XM5 (from episode 109), but also lays down some honourable mentions for the Google Pixel 7 Pro (from episode 151), M2 MacBook Air, M1 iPad Air (from episode 154), Cult of the Lamb and Pentiment.

Amanda brings back her Facebook Marketplace steam cleaner as well as her love for the Samsung Bespoke Airdresser, second-gen AirPods Pro (from episode 139) and, of course the now-infamous Mitsubishi Dehumidifier.

We had to limit Rad but she still managed to fit in the Dyson V15 (from episode 58), Sonos Arc (from episode 95), Spigen Flex Strap (from episodes 131 and 150, yes really), Elgato Wave XLR (from episode 74) and ASUS Zenfold. There was even just enough room for her beloved popcorn maker.

We may receive a small commission from some links.

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