Episode 152: Deep Dive: Seaweed Tech

This week’s deep dive is a little more literal as the Queens take a look at seaweed and what’s being done with it to help save the planet.

Tegan covers Perth-based startup ULUU, which is using beer brewing techniques to turn seaweed into an alternative to plastics. This is a big deal, because seaweed captures more CO2 than trees, meaning this process is also removing it from the ocean. It is also quicker to harvest and doesn’t require deforestation.

Rad also looks at the sewage problem in Bondi which has severely impacted the underwater environment. Sorry, Eastern Suburbs folks, you might be swimming in filth. She also explores Operation Crayweed, which is helping restore the underwater forests on Sydney’s coastline.

Also, seaweed pickles are apparently a thing.

There’s more of what we covered (there’s so much to say about seaweed, it’s awesome) in the show notes.

Show notes

  • ULUU raises $8 million to combat plastic with seaweed and saltwater brewing [SmartCompany]
  • Restoring Sydney’s underwater forests [Operation Crayweed]
  • Raw sewage released near Bondi as decades of government dithering runs on [SMH]
  • Sewage pipes near Bondi operational since 1916 to be turned off [SBS]
  • Ending the flow of untreated wastewater [Sydney Water]
  • Transgenic pigs to the rescue [National Library of Medicine]
  • Seaweed pickle cutting [TikTok]

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