Episode 150: Christmas Gift Guide 2022

The year has once again come to an end quite quickly. Rude! This also means the holiday season is here, so the Queens are making some cheeky gift suggestions for you to get your loved ones – especially if its for yourself.

First up, Rae has fallen in love with the HidrateSpark Pro, partially because it makes drinking water a competition. And let the record show that a mere five years ago she instructed Tegan to rip on smart water bottles over on Gizmodo. Oh how times have changed.

Speaking of Tegan, she offers up Yum Cha as her affordable gift and/or stocking stuffer idea, which is even cheaper if you use the code QUOKKAQUEENS to get free shipping. No this isn’t an ad, the game just rules and the creator is a lovely listener of the show!

For something a little pricer, she continues to be obsessed with the Sonos Roam and the vibe it brings to general summer activities.

Rad also has two pressies – the Spigen Flex Strap that we’re pretty sure she manifested into existence, as well as an Aeropress for all you coffee lovers.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been in the kitchen again, preaching the gospel according to KitchenAid, especially if you’re making pavlova for Christmas Day. And according to this TikTok guy, you can even repair them!

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