Episode 149: Tegan Goes Up Down

In this episode the Queens travel back to 16th century Bavaria to help solve a murder mystery that spans almost 25 years. Well, not literally. 

Tegan has been playing the hell out of Pentiment, the latest game by Obsidian that takes the player into a world where it very much feels like art and manuscripts have come to life to tell stories of intrigue, betrayal (and yes, murder) in the Alps, against the backdrop of religious reformation.

Every decision matters and anything you do or say could alter the course of history in this little town. Also, yes you can pet the dogs and cats.

Amanda goes back even further to explore the realms of Norse mythology in God of War Ragnarök. She takes a look at how it’s improved on the last title, particularly when it comes to graphics and gameplay, as well as what it’s like to become your own man when your dad is a god. Of war.

Meanwhile, Rad takes us on her precision research journey into getting a standing desk. This, and one methodical spreadsheet later, brought her to the UpDown Desk Pro. And apparently it’s changed her life.

And in case you thought we weren’t very serious about the spreadsheet:


  1. If you like a soft squishy desk mat, wait until you try a soft kitchen mat. I have chronic pain & it’s like standing on a pillow vs bare concrete regardless of the shoes I’m wearing.
    Just mop it when I mop the floors (I move it & clean under it, etc).


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