Episode 166: Back to School Special 2023

We’re coming to that time of year where school and uni are almost back in session. Perhaps even some of you are getting ready to get back to work. Regardless of the circumstances, January is a great period to get organised for the year, and we have some gadgets and tips to help!

Rae tells us all about the laptop stand that changed her working life… and only costs $10 from Kmart. She also chats about her conversion to GoodNotes after decades of using paper notebooks and calendars.

Tegan becomes obsessed with a slick FYY magnetic pill organiser. Stay with us here! She argues its multi-purpose use after seeing an unhinged TikTok account use it for a whole manner of wild and sometimes unnecessary things. But our girl reckons it would be great for organising daily items for your school or work bag like hair ties, phone cables, gum and panadol.

She also preaches her love for Bento-style lunch boxes and covets the fancy ones with an in-built thermos to keep your food hot.

And Amanda talks through some of her study tips from when she was studying to be a space lawyer (probably). Apparently she used to post them on Tumblr. No we haven’t been able to find the account yet 😦

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