Episode 165: Cord Graveyard

This week’s gadget chat is an eclectic one! Amanda kicks things off with a spoiler-free review of M3gan. If you haven’t heard of it (and even if you have), we highly recommend you check out the trailer. Just try not to cry-laugh at this modern masterpiece of cinematic triumph.

Rae recently moved, which made it the perfect time to try out the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum. On top of mapping your house and knowing what to avoid (mostly) it can run to a set schedule, spot clean on command and loads more.

And after four-ish months of daily use, T3gan (she’s re-branding) hands down her verdict on the July Carry All Backpack Series 2. After being gifted one in the middle of PAX week, she’s lugged it across convention floors, used it as her only luggage for multi-night work trips and even took it to parliament during budget lockup. So is this the premium price tag worth it?

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