Episode 167: An Altercation With Some Tech

In this week’s gadget chat, Rae gets into a beef with the Audio Technica AT-LP60-BT turntable and the Sonos speaker system. Specifically, in an effort to try and get the bluetooth component to work.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been getting into the new HBO The Last Of Us TV series – so we dig into how much like the game it really is. Can we avoid spoiling an almost decade-old game while discussing its TV adaptation? We try, we promise.

Also: we discussed the science behind the fungi in the story a few episodes back in our Mushroom and Fungi Halloween Special.

Then, Rad reviews the iPad 10th Gen – the cheapest full sized iPad. What’s the difference? What’s the plus side (besides the price)? And what are the downsides? One issue we’ve detected already is the potential for Wild Apple Pencils.

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