Episode 143: Sterilising Undies in a Kettle

In the episode the Queens are reviewing environmentally focused products in the lead up to to their climate change deep dive later in the week. Stay tuned for that one!

Rae spills the tea on the Philips Eco Conscious kettle and toaster, which is made from sustainable bio plastics. She also looks at what that actually means and what to look for when brands say their products are environmentally friendly.

Tegan opens up the Queens Garage again for a first look at the MG ZS EV – the cheapest EV currently available in Australia. Spoiler alert – petrol engines are still way less pricey and that’s a huge problem.

And Rad buys quite possibly the greatest light source of all time, after the sun of course – the Heliograf ‘Light Soy’ lamp, which is made from ocean-bound plastic. This is… plastic bound to end up in the ocean.

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