Episode 144: Deep Dive: Climate Change

If you wanted to get depressed, boy we have an episode for you. This week we’re looking at some of the things that are contributing to or being caused by climate change.

Rad explains urban heat islands and how city infrastructure is significantly heating up specific pockets of land across the country. She also looks at some of the potential solutions and how class and wealth factors in.

Tegan heads to Canberra for budget lock-up, where she broke the story about this being the first federal budget to introduce a country-wide EV tax exemption. She also gets into Australia’s backwards approach to EVs, including the expensive price tags, confusing state-based incentives and in some cases, taxes applied to low-emissions vehicles.

And Amanda takes on a mini history of climate change reporting, dating back to the 1800s, and our general choice to ignore it as a species. She also looks at some of the direct ways that climate change is impacting us, including crops becoming less nutritious due to high levels of carbon dioxide.

Show Notes

  • 8 ways climate change is already impacting you [Mashable]
  • Budget 2022: Australia’s first federal tax cuts for electric vehicles revealed [SmartCompany]
  • The best and worst Australian states to buy an EV right now [SmartCompany]
  • How Do We Know Climate Change Is Real? [NASA]
  • Urban Heat Island Effect [ScienceDirect]
  • Mitigating new york city’s heat island with urban forestry, living roofs, and light surfaces [NASA]
  • Urban Heat Island explained [National Geographic]

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