Episode 139: Don’t wear AirPods in a mosh pit

The Queens have been shoving something a little bit special in our ear holes recently. Don’t be weird, they’re earphones! Specifically, the brand new Apple AirPods Pro 2nd gen.

We’ve been playing stuff through them for a few weeks now and have some thoughts about the updated sound quality, noise cancellation and comfort factor. They also now have pinpoint location tracking, which we love because our mushy brains are forgetful sometimes.

On the food tech front, Amanda hit up Dodee Paidang Thai in Melbourne where robots served her food. Rad went to another one of their locations, also in Melbourne, but was served by humans. Sad.

Meanwhile, Rad checked out The Last of Us: Part 1, the latest remaster of the game for PlayStation 5.

We may receive a small commission from some links.


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