Episode 119: The Human Centipede of Games

It’s been a great week for game releases and the Queens got some sneak peaks so they can give you the low down.

Tegan fulfilled her destiny by becoming a cult leader. No not in real life. Yet. She’s gotten heavy into Cult of the Lamb and we’re surprised she stopped playing to record the episode. A cross between a cult management sim and a rogue like, you’ll probably like it if you’re a Stardew Valley fan with a dark sense of humour.

Meanwhile Amanda has been shaping young minds with Two Point Campus, the kinda-sequel to the wildly popular Two Point Hospital. Or, for those of you as old as us – the thing that was basically a remake of Theme Hospital. Pro Tip – you can get it free with Xbox Game Pass already.

And in a truly shocking turn of events, Rad tests… a set of headphones! She puts the new JBL Quantum 610 to the test to see how different it is to the previous generation.

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