Episode 26: We Live In Flawed Meat

bill gates poop jar

After a whole week off the Queens are back with some weird as heck medical tech – from using frogs as pregnancy tests to a wellness toilet that analyses your poop.

But what have the Queens been up to in their absence? Amanda got the jab, Rae found a cheap ring light, Tegan played some co-op games (kind of) and Rad fell in love with a mouse.

This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands.

Show Notes

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  1. I only found tour podcast thanks to Rae being on Adam Liaw’s cooking show. I am making my way through the podcasts and will be up to date very soon at this rate and I am really enjoying them. I had my first jab of the AZ vaccination, as soon as it was offered for a 60 year olds and available at my Doctors surgery, on the 1st of June and did have a couple of side effects from the jab. A bit of a sore arm and got the shivers later in the evening but felt a bit dusty in the morning as if I had a hangover though this had subsided by 9:00 am. I have also had the second dose at 8 weeks, as per the advice for my LGA, with no issues at all.


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