Episode 137: Games Week Special: PAX Australia 2022 (Part 1)

The Queens headed south for Melbourne International Games Week (MIGW). While there Rad hosted High Score, Rae attended the Games Connect Asia Pacific conference (GCAP), all four Queens hosted the Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDAs) and then they all played loads of games at PAX Australia.

There was too much cool stuff to fit into one episode so you’re getting two parts this week! In this episode Amanda and Tegan play Yum Cha, a gorgeous card game by Quokka Games.

Rae also talks about the incredible Indigitek space on the show floor. It’s the first time they’ve had more than regular booth space which is incredibly exciting.

Meanwhile, Tegan came home from PAX and immediately played the Dredge demo for three hours – a sinister fishing game with a Cthuluesque undercurrent.

Show Notes

  • So it turns out Jono from Quokka Games is a Queens fan! And he was kind enough to provide listeners with a free delivery code for the game – QUOKKAQUEENS. The game itself is awesome, only $28 and guaranteed to make you hungry. Buy it here. We don’t get any affiliate revenue from this, it’s just really good and we were touched to meet such a talented listener!
  • You can learn more about what Indigitek does here.
  • And this is the Indigitek Twitch channel.
  • Follow Guck here.
  • Find Indiginerd here.
  • Follow and support 4Phase Games on Patreon.
  • Free Dredge demo here.

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