Episode 180: The Science of Sleep

In this episode the Queens are heading off to the land of nod to explore the (sometimes terrifying) science behind sleep.

As it turns out, global warming is here to ruin the party again as it slowly erodes sleep across the world. So that’s fun.

Meanwhile, sleep deprivation is extremely harmful for the body and can result in death.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. They also cover lucid dreaming and some of theories behind what might cause it.

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Shoe Notes

  • Why sleep deprivation is torture [Psychology Today]
  • No Sleep for the Wicked: A Study of Sleep Deprivation as a Form of Torture [Maryland Law Review]
  • Shattered: legacy of a reality TV experiment in extreme sleep deprivation [The Guardian]
  • Climate change likely to reduce the amount of sleep that people get per year [ScienceDaily]
  • Rising temperatures erode human sleep globally [ResearchGate]
  • Mental health and air temperature: Attributable risk analysis for schizophrenia hospital admissions in arid urban climates [ScienceDirect]
  • What Are Lucid Dreams and How Can You Have Them? [Cleveland Clinic]
  • The science behind lucid dreaming [Medical News Today]
  • Lucid Dreaming: A State of Consciousness with Features of Both Waking and Non-Lucid Dreaming [National Library of Medicine]
  • Yes, You Can Control Your Dreams: The Strange Science of Lucid Dreaming [Discover Magazine]

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