Episode 29: USB-C Is My Love Language

This week the Queen's are diving into some incredible Olympics tech from the past and present, including a sparkly basketball robot and banned swimming suits. Meanwhile, Rad plays with duelling ASUS laptops and Tegan plays with LEGO while dobbing in a free Netflix app. This episode is sponsored by Shure and Jands Australia. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/239-queens-of-the-drone-age-80153356 Show [...]

Episode 27: Dishwasher Lasagna

This week the Queens explore retro-futurism, including a 'house of the future' from 1950s Disneyland, electro-shock haircuts, Lunar Olympics and what the 1890s thought VR cycling might look like. But before going back to the future, Rae gets excited over a bacteria-killing earbuds case, Rad gets real specific about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and [...]

Episode 25: Demonic Abs

telstra 5g gin

This week the Queens are getting ripped. Amanda tries some exercise games and Rae tests a health app that doesn't make you feel bad about yourself. They also all have some very strong opinions about Peloton. Meanwhile, Tegan is sent some 5G Gin and Amanda gets a very special new shirt. Show Notes More on [...]

Episode 24: Joey Chaos

joey chaos robot

Robots may be the future, but this week the Queens examine some of the things they're not so good at - from crafting jokes to the nuance of translating languages. Tegan also gets behind the wheel of the MINI Countryman Hybrid and Rad tests out the new EPOS wireless earbuds. This episode was sponsored by [...]