Episode 178: Printing Tech

The Queens are firing up the dusty old printer in the corner of your office… or are they?

In this episode the Queens do tackle printing tech… but it went in directions nobody expected.

Rad is the most normal of the lot, looking at the importance of certain inks and paper – especially when it comes to printing photographs.

Amanda takes us on a tasty journey in the world of 3D printed food, which is very much a thing. Rae delves into the human body where 3D print biomaterial is being used to print organs in real time.

And Tegan brings down the mood by looking at the rising issues of 3D printed guns in Australia, despite our strict gun laws.

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Show Notes

  • Introduction to Papers & Printing [Full Gamut]
  • Will Printer Paper Type Settings Really Affect Print Quality? [LCI Paper]
  • Expressive Dimensions of Photographic Paper [Lecture by the US Library of Congress]
  • Charles Sturt University researchers create 3D plastic hollows for animals in bushfire-affected areas [ABC]
  • Rae talks about 3D printing ten years ago [Tech Life]
  • 3D bioprinting inside the human body could be possible thanks to new soft robot [UNSW]
  • The 3D printing of foods [CSIRO]
  • 3D-printed guns are on the rise in Australia. How can we prevent them being made? [The Conversation]
  • Australian Police Arrested a Teenager With a Fully Functioning 3D Printed Gun [3Dnatives]

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