Episode 175: Lightstick Faux Pas

This week the Queens are trawling the tepid depths of the ocean as Tegan drags them into her review of Eldritch fishing game, Dredge.

Full of mystery, insanity and some very disturbing fish, you have to cast your nets far and wide as you explore different islands to solve the mystery of why this particular portion of the seven seas is so very cursed.

Rad brings us firmly back to land with a review of the OutlookBaby Autoshade – a car window shader that’s designed to block UV rays. But there’s a very specific twist and testing of similar products here that you’ll have to tune in for.

And Amanda heads to a Stray Kids K-pop concert in Sydney and explains the importance of lightsticks (and how long people line up for them) to K-pop fandom.

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