Episode 169: Tamagotchi Tells Me When To Drink

It’s a real big gadget chat this week – quite literally in Tegan’s case because she recently got behind the wheel of the 2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

It’s a whole lot of ute and she took it camping in zero-reception territory to really put it to the test. We don’t want to spoil the finer details (though our Patreon newsletter subscribers already got a sneak peak) but between the tech inclusions, roomy dual cabin and fancy electric tray cover – she’s dubbed it her favourite vehicle review ever 👁️👄👁️.

Please enjoy these extra videos that show just how much the Wildtrak can fit in the tray…

Sadly it wasn’t all joy this week, with Rad reviewing the “single most disappointing piece of tech [she’s] ever purchased.” We’re gonna leave you all hanging on what that might be.

And in classic Amanda style, she saw the resurgence of Tamagotchi popularity and decided to find her old Gen 2 version from the late 90s rather than dropping cash on a new one. We love a fiscally responsible Queen.

She also tries a TikTok water bottle hack where you use the Tamagotchi to remind you to stay hydrated. The results are… interesting.

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