Episode 132: Deep Dive: Beauty Tech

For thousands of years extreme beauty treatments have been a thing. Humans are obsessed with finding new ways to make themselves feel beautiful – from urine-laced teeth whitener to tapeworm diet pills.

So in this episode the Queens look at some modern beauty tech marvels, including foundation robots and acne treatments. Tegan even personally tests out a cryotherapy chamber.

Show Notes

  • Travelling to Seoul? Don’t leave without getting a Laneige cushion made by a robot [Daily Vanity]
  • Sebaceous gland ablation [Clear Skincare Clinics]
  • Recovery From Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage: Cold-Water Immersion Versus Whole-Body Cryotherapy [Human Kinetics Journal]
  • Winter-swimming Scandinavian men can teach us how the body adapts to extreme heat and cold [Science Daily]
  • Cold Water Swimming—Benefits and Risks: A Narrative Review [National Library of Medicine]
  • Whole-Body Cryotherapy in Athletes: From Therapy to Stimulation. An Updated Review of the Literature [National Library of Medicine]
  • Don’t Lose Your Cool With Cryotherapy: The Application of Phase Change Material for Prolonged Cooling in Athletic Recovery and Beyond [Frontiers]
  • Examining the benefits of cold exposure as a therapeutic strategy for obesity and type 2 diabetes [National Library of Medicine]
  • Salivary steroid hormone response to whole-body cryotherapy in elite rugby players [National Library of Medicine]

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