Episode 124: Deep Dive: Weather Tech

You know how old school villains would threaten to steal weather machines? So it turns out weather alteration technology is absolutely a real thing that is being used to make it rain during droughts and lessen the impact of cyclones.

But it hasn’t just been used for wholesome purposes. It’s also been harnessed to guarantee good weather during certain Olympic Games and weaponised during wartime.

While we’re on weather, the Queens also look at what La Niña actually is (and its real world impact), as well as Australian satellites that are needed to provide critical Aussie-environment specific information to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).

Rae also introduces us to the Carrot weather app! It not only sends you on Carmen Sandiego style treasure hunts, but has a customisable personality. If you ever wanted a sassy weather app with communist political leanings, you now can.

show notes

  • China Turns To Cloud-Seeding Weather Modification To Remedy Drought [IFL Science]
  • China ‘modified’ the weather to create clear skies for political celebration – study [The Guardian]
  • Weather could be controlled by making tiny changes to chaotic system [Physics World]
  • Australian-designed satellites could provide critical weather prediction data to Bureau of Meteorology [UNSW]
  • More info on the Carrot app [Carrot]

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