Episode 65: Spotify Bougie

In this episode the Queens are getting comfy with some fancy new Ergotune Supreme chairs. Rae also takes issue with the Spotify Enhance feature and Rad turns her house into a vibe kingdom with some Philips Hue smart lights

Show Notes

  • So it turns out the Enhance feature might not be quite dead after all. While testing out the new ROG Phone 5s this week it came up as an option on Spotify for Tegan.
  • More on Spotify Enhance here
  • Check out the Ergotune Supreme here. It’s usually $950 but its currently $669 (nice) at the time of writing. As an FYI this isn’t an affiliate link situation – we wish lol.
  • There really is just a lot of Philips Hue options these days. They can be a bit pricey though so always be sure to shop around for the best bang for buck.

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