Episode 52: Queens Good/Bad Santa

We’re rocketing towards the end of the year which means the holiday season is almost upon us! So this episode the Queens are divulging some of their Christmas gift guide ideas. But really they would work for any occasion, even as a sneaky treat for yourself, because you deserve it.

This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands.

Show Notes

“Australian native plants are a hard one. There’s a lot of back and forth about best practice in regards to fertilisation, but overall I think you’ll find they respond really well. It is difficult to give recommendations on all plants because certain species have specific needs.”

“The long-held belief is that Australian natives cannot handle applied phosphorus, so you should not fertilise them. This idea has since been challenged and it has been found that many natives actually love the extra nutrients. I have heard that Banksia can be fickle with phosphorus, so if you happen to be trying to grow that indoors, maybe stay away from the Spring plant food. Despite that, Summer and the rest should give you excellent results.”

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