Episode #2: That Phone Has A Booty

Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra Camera Bump

This week Amanda takes the reins as host as the Queens chat all things Samsung Galaxy S21: from the camera upgrades and surprisingly cheaper price to demanding to know how the adaptive blue light filter works. 

Seriously Samsung, we won’t stop until we find out.

Meanwhile, Tegan falls in love with a smart bath against her will while Rae and Rad delve into the dark, sordid world of WikiFeet.

This episode was sponsored by Shure and Jands.

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Show Notes

  • If you want to see the Kohler Stillness Bath in action (aka the Smart Bath) you can over at Gizmodo Australia.
  • If you’re after more info on the Samsung Galaxy S21, Tegan wrote up a comprehensive first look review of the Ultra. You can also find a breakdown of all the different models and their pricing here.
  • We’re not going to link to Rae and Rad’s 4 and 3 star WikiFeet, don’t be gross (you can totally Google it though).
  • If you want to learn more about Bit Depth and why it’s important to cameras, this video is great:
  • And as promised, here’s Rad in her gremlin pose during recording this week:

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