We Made A Fancy Podcast Trailer

What happens when four of Australia’s top gaming and tech experts go hiking together?

The four of us love a good hike.

Getting out in nature has often been the perfect antidote to a gruelling week hunched over our computers as we bathed in monitor light.

Fresh air. Stunning views. Endorphins.

But even in the great outdoors technology always manages to creep in. From the gadgets we bring with us to analysis of the biggest stories of the week, we’ve never been able to leave technology at the beginning of the trail.

We quickly realised that some of our favourite tech conversations were happening while we were climbing mountains and getting our boots dirty.

We don’t just talk about these topics as journalists, but as mates offering unfiltered thoughts.

Every time we hit the trail we share our passions, have a laugh and learn from each other almost through osmosis.

It’s fun and something we wanted to share with others. So we did.

Welcome to Queens of the Drone Age.

The first episode is now live and you can watch the trailer below. A big thanks to Jordan Allison for shooting and Angharad Yeo for editing.

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